Authenticate Staff gives companies the ability to reach 99% of their customers via call, sms and email.


You can now text your customers the appointment reminders, staff profiles, and surveys.


Send appointment reminders, staff profiles, and surveys via email.


Deliver automated appointment reminders, surveys and service information by phone call.


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TCPA Compliant

Certified proof that the customer opted-in can be provided in case of litigation.

Communication based on customer preference

Improve customer experience by providing solutions that will generate the communication based on the customer preference

Manage Jobs

Adding or creating jobs is easy, use Authenticate Staff with your existing infrastructure, via API integration, excel upload or manual entry using our dashboard.

Service Location Confirmation

This feature helps to reduce unnecessary "where is my tech" calls caused by customer data not being updated down stream fast enough or the address on file is inaccurate.

Cancel Jobs

Using software, immediately know which jobs have been canceled and why. With Authenticate Staff companies are able to gain deeper insights into why the appointment was canceled, so the appropriate actions can be immediately taken.

Pull Forward - Standby List

Invite customers to join the pull forward standby list. Authenticate Staff identifies pull forward eligible jobs, which helps to protect companies against preventable unfilled billable hours.

up-selling tools

Use our ads tools to deliver up-sell marketing material to every customer prior to the service appointment. Customers can be connected to your sales department directly through our software to make purchases. Customer purchasing options include: phone call, email and e-commerce website redirect.

Confirmation with add to calendar

Customers can save their service appointments details as "events" in their personal calendars. Supported calendars include: Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo and Facebook.

Staff ID & Arrival Time

Respect customers time by providing them with a more accurate ETA which helps to reduce the unnecessary "where is my tech" calls. Once a service provider has been selected and is enroute, customers can automatically receive the provider's staff id badge, estimated arrival time and contact phone number.


Give customers an easy way to provide satisfaction feedback via sms, email or automated call.

Social Share

Enable your customers to share their positive experience via social media. When your customers are satisfied with the service provided, you can now invite them to share with their friends on social media or by email.