Problems we solve

Are we losing revenue and profits?

Authenticate Staff provides communication tools that helps companies communicate with customers. Using our software companies can prove with data that all customers were contacted and given the necessary information at the appropriate times. The communication efficiencies gained helps to protect profits against contract non-compliance.

Are we losing money through poor communication?

Authenticate Staff automatically contacts customers to identify confirmed and canceled jobs in advance of the appointment date. We track performance, know which jobs have been confirmed, canceled and why. This automated process has improved our customers weekly job completion rates by an average of 10% percent. In addition Authenticate Staff can lower call center staff operating costs by automating customer appointment communication tasks.

Are we making the most on each job?

Use our ads tools to deliver up-sell marketing material to every customer prior to the service appointment. Customers can be connected to your sales department directly through our software to make purchases.

Are we losing money through poor performance in the field or on the job?

When jobs get canceled, business lose money. Authenticate Staff identifies pull forward eligible jobs to help protect companies against unfilled billable hours.

Do we know how our technicians are performing?

We provide survey software that can immediately notify supervisors, via alerting, when customer satisfaction is not achieved on any job. In addition our survey software can identify best & worst performing staff members by compiling survey data across the company.

Are my customers having a good experience?

Customers want an accurate arrival time, to know who is coming, limited number of contacts and how to effectively contact the provider if the need arises without being routed through the sales department. Authenticate Staff offers all these capabilities which helps companies provide the customer service experience customers want.